About Emily's Canine Crew

Hi, I'm Emily the owner and founder of Emily's Canine Crew (ECC for short). Emily's Canine Crew was born in 2018, after a chance meeting at a local craft fair, with a lady who had relocated from the USA with her two Boston Terriers, to be with her husband and his two Pugs - aka The Snufflehog Crew!

Living in one of Warwickshire's rural villages, people get to know each other and a few of the villagers had seen me walking the Snufflehog Crew, and asked if I could help them with their dogs. I soon realised that this is what I wanted to do for my job/career, and left my position at a local cafe, to walk dogs full time! Within 3 months of handing in my notice at my cafe job, I was fully booked, as I was offering a specialised one to one dog walking and pet care service; none of the other local pet/dog services were offering one to ones, and so my specialised services became in high demand. 

Emily's Canine Crew are fully insured and also hold a DBS Certifcate.


The Snufflehog Crew

From left to right; Elmo, Dottie, Lola and Beatrice.