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Emily's Canine Crew pride themselves on specialising in one-to-one services.

Below you can see the range of services we offer.

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Dog Walking

We offer 60-minute dog walking sessions, provided on a one-to-one basis; dogs from the same household can be walked together.


We walk in the local areas, so your dog can feel comfortable in our company, and so we can go further on our walkies!

We include a range of activities on our walks including basic obedience, playtime, and training.

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Puppy Training

In June 2020 we launched our Puppy Training services, initially on a 121 basis; we now offer small group classes too.

Emily is fully qualified at Level 3 as a Puppy Training Specialist with Dog Training College.

Our Puppy Training services are tailored to each individual puppy and their family.

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Dog Training

In September 2022 we launched our Dog Training services, after Emily became fully qualified at Level 3 as a Certified Dog Trainer with Dog Training College.

We offer our Dog Training services on a 121 and small group class basis.

Like our Puppy Training services, our Dog Training services are tailored to each individual dog and their family.


Pet Care

Our name might suggest that we're all about canines, but that's not true... We welcome ALL pets at ECC.

Our Pet Care visits are suitable for people who need us to look after their pets when they are away on holiday. We pop in twice a day to check on your pets, provide fresh food and water and to keep any pet toileting areas clean.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT offer home-boarding, or pet-sitting.

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Dog Care and Chaperone

We understand just how important your dogs are within your family, and this has driven us to bring to you our Dog Care and Chaperone services.

Your wedding day is a big day, and everyone who would normally look after your dogs, will be at your wedding.


So, Emily's Canine Crew offer a range of Dog Care and Chaperone services from full-day into late-evening sitting at your home, all the way through to walking your dog down the aisle as your ring bearer! 

“Emily's Canine Crew come highly recommended. True dog lovers, who offer personalised and professional services. Emily's Canine Crew is simply fabulous!"

Corrie - Dog Walking

“Woody has just completed his 4 Week Puppy Training Course. We were so impressed with Emily, that we have just signed up for another 4 Weeks! Emily is amazing with Woody and he has really enjoyed every lesson. Emily has also been a huge help to us with all her advice, as we had some problems with Woody from the start. It's thanks to Emily that we are now over the worst, we can't thank her enough. We would 100% recommend Emily's Canine Crew."

Claire and Dan - 121 Puppy Training

“Delighted to have found such a professional service. Emily has just finished looking after my 6 hens and has done a brilliant job! They are completely relaxed and happy, and probably going to miss Emily's visits. The coop and run have been kept really clean; just the way I like to keep it myself. I can thoroughly recommend Emily's Canine Crew if you need someone to look after your flock!"

Sue - Pet Care Visits

“Emily's Canine Crew take pride in their work. My dog has come on in leaps and bounds during his time on the Crew! Emily's Canine Crew are reliable, caring and trustworthy. Highly recommend."

Jane - Dog Walking

“I would highly recommend Emily's Canine Crew, the team are lovely, very knowledgeable, and generally have the dogs best interest at heart. Our dalmatian Alfie loves going on his walks with Emily's Canine Crew."

Michelle - Dog Walking

“We recently asked Emily's Canine Crew to take care of our pets whilst we went away on holiday. Emily's Canine Crew were professional and reliable, sending us daily updates. We will definitely be using Emily's Canine Crew to help us again. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the team at Emily's Canine Crew and their services!"

Liz - Pet Care Visits

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