Services at Emily's Canine Crew

I specialise in one to one services, as not every owner wants their dog(s) (and sometimes not all dogs want) to be walked in a group with other dogs, this could be for various reasons including; nervousness, reactivity etc. By providing my specialised one to one services, I feel like I can give 100% of my attention to your dog(s) on our walks and in training sessions too.

Dog Walking Service

I offer 30 - 60 minute dog walks and I will only take one household of dogs out at one time; I am happy to walk two dogs from the same household together, they do not have to be walked individually. 

I will take your dog for their allotted walk, and the walk will start from your house, so most of the time we will go to the local park, to open green spaces, or through local public footpaths. 

I am happy to let dogs off their leads, once I have a bond with your dog(s), and I will only let dogs off with the owners permission. I will also use treats and toys on my walks, if the owner has given me permission to do so. 

If your dog can not go off lead for whatever reason, I will make sure that they still have an enjoyable time out with myself, and I will make sure they have a sniffy walk; where they can sniff to their hearts content!

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Puppy Training Service

In March 2020, the UK went into a national lockdown, and following the government guidelines, I temporarily paused my Dog Walking Services. I used the lockdown to further develop my own skills, and gained my Level 3 Puppy Training Qualification. 

When I started offering my services again, I rolled out my puppy training course, and due to the increase in more puppies being brought, the puppy training was in high demand. Like my Dog Walking Services, I offer my Puppy Training Services on a one to one basis. This means I can provide 100% of my attention to the owner/family and their puppy. Also not all puppy owners want to be in classes, and some puppies find it hard to focus in a class with other puppies. 

By doing the Puppy Training, on a one to one basis, I can also tailor the training to each individual family and their puppy, meaning the family receive the best training and most suited training to them.

Pet Care Services

I offer Home Visits/Pop-In's too. This is suitable for any type of pet, if you are out for the day, and want someone to just pop in and check that your pets are ok. 

These are offered as 30 minute slots. Within this 30 minute time slot, I can provide fresh drinking water if it's required, I can give pets their meals - this must be prepared in advance, and I can offer them company.