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Pet Care Visits

Our name might suggest that we are all about dogs, but that's not true! We love to cater for our small furry pets too.

Prices start from £11.00 for our Pet Care Visits.



If you have a cat/cats and would prefer to leave them in their home when you go away on holiday, then our pop in cat visits are ideal for you!

Your cat gets to stay at home in their comfy surroundings, and we'll pop in either once or twice daily to provide them with fresh food and water, clean out any litter trays and give them some fuss and attention.

Jessie & Nibbles.jpg

Rabbits / Guinea Pigs / Hamsters

If you have small furry pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters etc. then we can pop in once or twice daily to provide fresh food and water, and do any bedding cleaning that mat be required.

We can also move your small furry pets from indoor to outdoor runs and give them fuss and attention.

Sue's Chickens.jpg

Chickens / Ducks

If you have chickens or ducks and need someone to provide fresh food, water and do any bedding cleaning required, we can pop in once or twice daily to check in on your feathered friends.

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