Dog Walking Service

I offer 30 - 60 minute dog walks and I will only take one household of dogs out at one time; I am happy to walk multiple dogs from the same household together, they do not have to be walked individually.

I will take your dog for their allotted walk, and the walk will start from your house, so the surroundings are familiar to your dogs. We will go to local parks, open green spaces, and sometimes wander down public footpaths close to your home. 

I am happy to let dogs off their leads, once I have a bond with your dog(s), and I will only let dogs off their leads with the owners permission. I will also use treats and toys on my walks, if the owner has given me permission to do so.  I like to use treats and toys on my walks, as it allows me to form a stronger bond with your dog(s) whilst we are out on walks, and it means we have more FUN!!

If your dog(s) are still learning various commands and recall, I am happy to include training within our walks.

If for whatever reason, your dog(s) can not go off lead, I will make sure that they still have an enjoyable and enriching time out with myself, and I will make sure they have plenty of time to sniff on their walk too. Sniffing is a great way for dogs to explore the world around them; a 20 minute sniffy walk is the equlivent to a 60 minute walk.

If you would like more information about my Dog Walking Services, please contact me via my Contact Page and title your enquiry 'Dog Walking'.