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One-to-One Dog Walking

At Emily's Canine Crew, we specialise in one-to-one dog walking. We don't offer big group dog walks, but instead we offer unique and tailored walks to your individual dogs and they still have the best time!

Come take a stroll to find out more about our walking services.

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Nervous or Reactive 

Is your dog nervous around other dogs, or reactive to certain things in the environment? That's ok!


Our one-to-one dog walking service means we can get to know your dog in advance of their first session wi, and then using our wide skillsets of dog knowledge and  safe handling, we can take your dogs for walks , whilst factoring in their unique needs.

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Multi-Dog Household

Do you own multiple dogs? Yes.

Worried that our one-to-one dog walks won't be suitable for you? Fear not!


We welcome multi-dog households at Emily's Canine Crew, in fact half of our clients are multi-dog households. 

We will happily walk 2-3 dogs at one time, especially if they are from the same home.

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Do you have a super friendly pup and worried that they won't be able to socialise with other dogs whilst out with us? 

Don't panic, we love to see dogs running around and socialising with other dogs, when it's safe to do so and suitable for the dogs. We have lots of dogs within the Crew who love having social play dates together.

Dog Walking sessions are 60 minutes in duration at Emily's Canine Crew. This allows us to take your dog on a good walk around their local area, meaning they get the full 60 minutes to explore, sniff, play and have comfort breaks. We love to see the Crew running around off-lead in safe and secure parks/fields, however we know some dogs don't have brilliant recall, so we're happy to have them on an extendable lead/long-line and work on their recall training. 

If your dogs can't do a 60 minute walk due to health reasons or due to age restrictions, then we can tailor their session to suit them. This could be a 50/50 split of a walk and a home/garden visit, where they would still get time to do everything they would if they were to have a walk, it would just be split into sections for them.

Prices start from £16.00 for a 60 minute walk for 1 dog.

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