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How to include your Dog at your Wedding

As a nation of dog lovers, it's no surprise that more and more couples are wanting their dogs to be on the guest list for their wedding. For some couples it's the humans on their guest list that are the most important, but for others their dog is at the top of their guest list.

So you know you want your dogs to be included in your wedding day, but you're not sure how to make it happen? Well read on, as we share our top tips on including your dog at your wedding...

Number One: Dog Chaperone

A Dog Chaperone might not be your first thought when including your dog at your wedding, but here's why a dedicated Dog Chaperone is im-paw-tant. By hiring a Dog Chaperone for your dogs, this means you don't have to ask family or friends to look after your dogs, meaning they don't miss any parts of the ceremony and celebrations. Your dedicated Dog Chaperone will be solely focused on your dogs, meaning they can take away any stresses and worries for you and your dog.

Dog Chaperones not only assist with the care of your dogs on your wedding day, but they can also assist with wedding ceremony duties including walking down the aisle, and then they can provide evening and overnight care for your dogs too. As well as many other important care and welfare needs your dog will require.

Number Two: Venue

You need to check that your chosen venue is dog friendly / allows dogs to be on the premises. Most venues will have guidelines about pets at their venue, which if you ask for, they will provide you with. Some venues will only allow pets to be outside, where some venues will allow pets to be inside; this could be certain areas like hard-floored areas.

Number Three: Photographer

It's worth talking to your photographer about having your dogs at your wedding, as you need to know if your photographer has photographed dogs before, and if they are happy to work with dogs. Don't forget not everybody likes dogs.

Number Four: Pack Your Dog's Favourite Things

Your dog will need their favourite things if they are going to be included in your day, like their favourite toys and treats, as well as their daily food, their bed, and of course their attire whether it be their day-to-day collar/harness and lead, or a fancier one for the special day.

Number Five: Logistics

This is where your dedicated Dog Chaperone can help, by chauffeuring your dog to your ceremony / venue on time. They can then take your dog back home or to your dog's safe location; dog-boarders, kennels etc. for the night of your wedding.

Number Six: Practice Run

It's important to do a practice run of your wedding day, especially if your dog is going to be included, as you want to make sure your dog has had chance to paw-fect their walk down the aisle!

Number Seven: Consider Your Dog

Whilst you might want your dog included in your wedding day, you need to factor in your dog and whether they would be able to cope with the big crowds of your family and friends? Your dog needs to feel comfortable and relaxed to be able to enjoy their day too.

Now you have some of our tips and advise on how to include your dog at your wedding, why not drop us a message, as we're ready to help make your doggy wedding day dreams come true!

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