Puppy Training

In March 2020, the UK went into a national lockdown, and following the government guidelines, I temporarily paused my Dog Walking Services. I used the lockdown to further develop my own skills, and gained my Level 3 Puppy Training Qualification. 

When I started offering my services again, I rolled out my Puppy Training Course, and due to the increase in more puppies being brought, the puppy training was in high demand. Like my Dog Walking Services, I offer my Puppy Training Services on a one to one basis. This means I can provide 100% of my attention to the owner/family and their puppy. Also not all puppy owners want to be in classes, and some puppies can find it hard to foucs in a class with other puppies. By doing the Puppy Training on a one to one basis, I can also tailor the training to each individual family and their puppy, meaning the family recieve the best training and most suited training to them.

Training your puppy from the day they come home, is not only going to give you a well trained puppy, it will also help the bond between yourself and your puppy grow even stronger. Most Puppy Training Classes only allow puppies to attend either from 12 weeks old or when they have had both sets of their inital vaccinations, whereas with my Puppy Training being offered on a one to one basis, it means we can start training your puppy from as young as 8 weeks old; it's never too soon to start training! I do my Puppy Training Course within the home environment, so your puppy is in his/her surroundings, which can help your puppy be more confident. 

Some of the topics I cover on my Puppy Training Course include; Response to Name; your puppy needs to know their name, as you will use it an awful lot throughout their lifetime. Sit Command, Lie Down Command, Stay/Wait Command, Leave It Command, Stand Command. I'll also cover useful tips and advice on how to manage Toilet Training, and if you use a Crate/Puppy Pen we will discuss how to get your puppy feeling happy and confident in their safe space. We will also look at teaching your puppy to  Walk to Heel/Loose Lead Walking, how to Recall to you, and so much more too. 

If you would like further information on my Puppy Training Course, or you would like to sign up to the Course, please contact me via the Contact Page on my Website, and title your enquiry as 'Puppy Training'.

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