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Qualifications and Achievements

Since the business started in January 2018, I have attended many in-person workshops and completed many online courses, to help expand my knowledge and expertise within the pet care industry. One of the first qualifications I gained, was my Dog First Aid qualification, I attended my first ever in-person workshop in June of 2018 to learn all about Dog First Aid (DFA). 

I have then carried on to enrol on to and complete various canine related qualifications, to help me to expand my knowledge, to provide the best services possible.

Qualifications I have achieved include;

- Canine Body Language Workshop with Dog Training College (DTC) - 28/4/19.

- Deaf Dog Awareness Webinar with DTC - 22/4/20.

- Overcoming Separation Anxiety Webinar with DTC - 6/5/20.

- Reactive Rascals Workshop with DTC - 10/5/20.

- Children and Dogs Webinar with DTC - 4/6/20.

- Immunology, Auto-Immunity and Stress Webinar with DTC - 4/6/20.

- Quantifying Reliability and Speed of Training Webinar with DTC - 4/6/20.

- Help! My Dog's Scared of the Vets Webinar with DTC - 4/6/20.

- Puppy Training Certified Specialist Qualification with DTC - 4/6/20.

- Tellington TTouch Training; Calming the Aroused Dog Webinar with DTC - 14/7/20.

- The Big F Word of Dog Training Webinar with DTC - 14/7/20.

- 2020 Unleashed Conference with DTC - 1/12/20.

I have also done many Crash Courses with DTC throughout 2020, and I am continuing to work towards other qualifications this year (2022).

I renewed my Dog First Aid training in 2021, with iPet Network, and was awarded my up to date DFA qualification on 9/12/21.

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Starting Emily's Canine Crew in 2018 means I have been able to achieve a lot of memorable things including starting the business of course! I was also very lucky in 2019 to meet Professor Noel Fitzpatrick at the National Pet Show, and have him sign my copy of his latest book... I was so star struck that I wasn't able to actually speak a proper sentence to him; DOH! 

I have also been very lucky to have been given the opportunity to write an article for Edition Dog Magazine; Issue 38. The article I wrote included Top Tips for staying safe in the Winter months whilst out on walks.

And most recently I have been fortunate to meet with the 1st Burbage Girl Guides group, and talk to them about Emily's Canine Crew and how much Animal Welfare is involved within my role. It was a lovely evening talking with the Guides, and I am very thankful for the opportunity.

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