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The First Edition Dog Live - 2022

I visited Edition Dog Live on Sunday (28th Aug) hosted by the team at Edition Dog Magazine, it was the first time that the Edition Dog Live event has happened; originally it was due to happen in 2020 but COVID delayed the event. There was a range of demos to watch, talks to listen to, rare-breed stands to have cuddles galore with the dogs and learn about the breeds, and stalls to shop and browse at.

I wanted to share some of the paw-some stalls I came across, who were all independently owned and run by women!

Collar Club

First up I paid a visit to Jo at Collar Club.

I've known Jo for around 18 months now, and lovely Jo gave me tickets to visit the show. I purchased some treats from Jo, but Jo's business is based all around producing sustainably sourced Subscription Boxes for Dogs!

We have had the Subscription Boxes for Floss & Merlin, and they love them! Each month you get a new box; usually themed in some way, and the boxes include a toy and a range of natural treats. The items inside the box are carefully handpicked by Jo.

If you're looking for a way to treat your dog's on a monthly basis, whilst trying a range of new dog treats, toys and other products, then we highly recommend the Collar Club subscription boxes! They are fabulous value for money too.

No Fuss Fill

Second on my list of stands to visit was Tracey at No Fuss Fill. I've spoken with Tracey through social media channels, but have never met in-person, so it was lovely to finally meet on Sunday! I was also keen to look at the No Fuss Fill products in person, and they did not disappoint! I may have gone a little crazy and brought a few of the No Fuss Fill range including the Prep-Rak, Ready-Rak, the No Fuss Fill Syringe, and the Cleaning Brush... Oops! HOWEVER, this will make enrichment prep so much quicker and easier, so I can't wait to use them!

Tracey has a huge range of enrichment prep equipment, and her Instagram has lots of useful videos on how to use the No Fuss Fill range, it's definitely worth a follow. It's a brilliant place to start if you're new into the enrichment world for dogs.

My Anxious Dog

Finally on my visit to the show, I bumped into Sarah from My Anxious Dog, again Sarah is someone who I've spoken to online over the last 12 months, but never met in person. It was great to meet Sarah, and see the My Anxious Dog product range in person.

If you've ever seen a dog in Yellow, but not sure what it means, you definitely need to check out My Anxious Dog. Sarah's own dog Bella is a nervous dog, and to make the world an easier and safer place for nervous / anxious dogs, Sarah created the range of My Anxious Dog products including leads, harnesses, dog coats, human apparel, and advertising materials too.

Floss & Merlin can be anxious / nervous in situations and 'react'. Those reactions can look 'aggressive' to some people, but to people like Sarah and myself, we know our dogs are only reacting as they don't know how to react in the situation, so by wearing a yellow lead or harness, other people know to give just a little bit of extra space to us.

The best part about meeting Sarah, is that I was asked to become an affiliate for My Anxious Dog, and after Floss & Merlin having their fair share of struggles throughout their lives, and working with many dogs; some of who are nervous/anxious and/or reactive, I was more than happy to jump in at the chance to become an affiliate for Sarah and My Anxious Dog! I purchased the Yellow Hoodie, as well as the Dust-Bin and Car Stickers Pack.

As an affiliate for My Anxious Dog, you can use my unique link to shop the range of products available - - I am a proud advocate for all dogs, especially those who are nervous/anxious/reactive, as most of these dogs are often misunderstood by people. So that's why you'll see me wearing my yellow hoodie! #dogsinyellow

What did I buy?

I mainly brought a range of treats from a variety of stalls at the show including Eden Holistic Pet Foods, Country Hunter, Collar Club, and Innocent Hound.

I also managed to stock up on poo bags; an essential item in my line of work as a professional dog walker. Thankfully Adios Plastic were at the show, so I was able to get their colourful cornstarch based bags!

I would recommend visiting the Edition Dog Live event in 2023. Let me know if you'd like to see more 'review/recommendation' based blog posts.

Stay paw-some! Em x

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